We emphasize on complete and total manpower security of all our customers and are totally adept at securing life as well as property. We adopt our security services for systematic way of deploying security personnel for our clients. We help you lead a problem-free life that serves you well and you enjoy each and every moment without any fear or doubt. We provide well trained, round the clock, young and smart guards. All our guards are trained in fire fighting, self defense and first aid. Immediate replacement of guards will be carried out if the deployed security is on leave or absent.

Our professional service charge for 12 hours security assistant is Rs. 12,500 + GST.

What the company offer

  • Guarding Service
  • Dog Squad Service
  • VIP Security
  • Armed Security
  • Escorting Services
  • Private Detection
  • Antecedent Verification & Candidates Verification
  • Security Audit
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Training and Development
  • Staff our Sourcing/Staffing Services

Charges vary based on location and hours. Available on daily, 12 hour and monthly basis.

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